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The Social Impact Show

Aug 19, 2022

In this episode, part 2 of our discussion on ERG software, you'll learn where to begin when implementing Employee Resource Group (ERG) Software for the workplace including how to get company buy-in integrating with CSR software. We chat with Stephanie Moe, Social Impact Lead with AAA, and explore how to get company buy-in, implementation challenges and advice on getting started with ERGs.

Timestamp of our discussion:

0:44 - Where to begin when implementing ERG software?

2:21 - How would you get company buy-in for ERG software?

3:25 - Greatest challenges to overcome during the implementation process

4:12- Advice on getting started with ERG Software

5:04 - Importance of ERG and CSR platform integration

6:17 - Most positive impact since implementing ERG software