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The Social Impact Show

Jan 28, 2023

In today's episode, you'll learn where the corporate social responsibility industry is headed. We explore how world events shape CSR and social impact as well as trends on how businesses will integrate CSR into the future.

This is part 2 of our series on the Future of CSR. Listen to Part 1 in the previous episode

Jan 20, 2023

In today's episode, you'll learn how corporate social responsibility profession has changed and what's shaping its future. We discuss its history, what the profession looks like today and how the role will continue to evolve in the the future.

Timestamp of our discussion:
0:52 - History of the corporate social...

Dec 23, 2022

In this episode, you'll learn how social impact and environmental sustainability can work together. We chat with Michael Wong, Environmental Sustainability Manager with Ferguson, and explore everything about GHG emissions as well as how to start and scale an environment and sustainability program in your...

Dec 16, 2022

In today's episode, you'll learn why social impact data is important for donors when selecting which charities to give to. We chat with
Heather King, Vice President of Evidence and Implementation and Chief Ontologist at Impact Genome, and explore how donor decisions actually change when provided with data. Finally, we...

Dec 2, 2022

In this episode, you'll learn about the skilled worker shortage across North America and how social impact can help find solutions.
We chat with Melissa Hazelwood from Ferguson, and explore the current and future impacts of the skilled worker shortage, how career perceptions have changed and what's currently being...